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Paradise x


stockings are sexy but n o t if they’re laddered and your f l e s h spills out like a gross fishnet full of      playdough.
i just heard this and now i want to stay awake forev but I SHOULD SLEEP cos i have to do stuff and stuff 

#CAvES new shit going down well with the tumblr followers. Whhooaaahhh!

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Digging Around London: “I’m gonna take this beer, go in there, and have a good time.”


I didn’t get this entry out before heading back to the homestead in Canada (a little place called Harmony, where deer eat from the apple trees and dial-up internet still reins), so it’s much delayed, but it’s still every bit as poignant today as when it was experienced just over two weeks ago.

Gottwood Music Festival 2012


Fuckin scruffy
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